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Submission and assessment of your application

The government organisation or consortium of partner organisations draws up a project proposal and submits it to the PIP team. The applicant will receive a confirmation of submission. An application template is available to help you create a project proposal.

The closing date for submitting is different for each call.

The Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO) evaluates the application and advises the PIP project leader. If necessary, VLAIO may request additional information from the applicants. The exclusion and evaluation criteria used by VLAIO as a guide for evaluating the project proposal are available on the PIP website.

Based on the VLAIO advice, the PIP project leader decides on the eligibility of the project. The applicant will receive the VLAIO advice justifying the decision.

If the application is ineligible, the applicant may obtain feedback from the PIP team and, if so desired, submit a new project proposal to a subsequent call.

If the application is eligible, the applicant government organisation can count on the PIP team to provide guidance during the entire process, both the preliminary route towards the procurement and the execution of the project itself. The applicant organisation is also given a principle commitment to partnership and co-financing of the project by PIP.

The actual co-financing of the project will be decided only at a later stage, on the basis of the tender document.

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